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Feature Free Plus
Woocommerce Support
Contact Form Support
Translation Ready
Google Map
RTL Language Support
WPML Support
Support Forum
Preloader Enable/Disable Enable/Disable with Multiple Designs
Colors & Background Basic Advanced
Typography Basic Advanced
Container Width Basic Advanced
Hooks Feature
Theme Layouts
Header Features
Sticky Header Basic Advanced
Header Presets
Topbar Header Widgets
Logo Width
Search Icon Basic Advanced
Cart Icon
After Menu Button and HTML Button, HTML, and Widgets
Footer Features
Footer Widgets Basic Advanced
Scroll to Top Basic Advanced
Footer Copyright Not Editable Editable
Footer Ribbon
Excerpt/Full Content
Post Navigation Styles
Blog Templates
Reordering Post Meta
HomePage Sections
Slider Section 1 Slide Unlimited Slides
Video Slide
Slider Widgets
Service Section 3 Services Unlimited Services
Testimonial Section
Latest News Section
Team Section
Callout Section
Portfolio Section
Video Section
About Section
Funfact Section
Shop Section
Client Section
Section Variations
Section Shortcodes
Section Reordering