ChatGPT – Create Simple Workable WordPress Plugin on the first try

Whats trending in 2023 – ChatGPT, let see what it is.

What is ChatGPT ?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered conversational model developed by OpenAI. It is capable of generating human-like text based on a prompt given to it, allowing it to respond to questions and engage in conversations with users. ChatGPT is based on the GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) language model, which has been trained on a large corpus of text data, making it capable of understanding and producing text in various languages and formats. It has been designed to be used in a variety of applications, such as customer support, content creation, and language translation, among others.

Definition might be scary , in simple words try ChatGTP from here . It took me almost 15 second and my plugin is ready. All you need to do is write proper words and you get the desired output. Here is what I did went to the prompt and said “How to create custom XMLRPC disable WordPress plugin” and see what I got in a matter of seconds

 * Plugin Name: Disable XMLRPC
 * Description: Disables XMLRPC in WordPress.
 * Version: 1.0
 * Author: OpenAI
 * Author URI:

add_filter('xmlrpc_enabled', '__return_false');

ChatGPT also instructed what to do next

To use this plugin, copy the code and paste it into a new file with a .php extension, then upload the file to your wp-content/plugins directory. Go to the WordPress dashboard, and activate the plugin. Once activated, XMLRPC will be disabled and unavailable for use.

Isn’t this a magic. It is just the beginning you can do the wonders, one can improve language skills , get new blog related ideas, coding standards etc etc. Give it a go. That’s it.