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Best Managed WordPress Hostings of 2019

What do you understand by the term Managed WordPress Hosting? In this article, we are going to talk about managed WordPress hosting, explain the differences between managed and shared hosting, give insights into when one should move to managed hosting and talk about some of the best managed WordPress hosting providers with their prices as well as a comparison between them. Did you know that running a website is a little bit more complicated than most people think? Almost every other person can create and run a WordPress website without any trouble, but do they all have knowledge on network management, applying operating system upgrades to their servers through SSH or even creating Nginx files? I believe not.

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Best 7 Alternatives to WP Engine in 2019

When it comes to WordPress hosting, WP Engine is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers known today. They provide a hosting service that is known for its performance and excellent security. However, with such excellent performance, the cost of WP Engine gets a little bit to high for everyone else to afford their services. This means that most people are often finding themselves in situations whereby they are looking for other available options to use instead of using WP Engine. The field of WordPress hosting is a diverse field, and therefore it is expected that there will definately be other competing alternatives. There are several other companies that provide the WordPress hosting service just like WP Engine, some with actually very good services and at a relatively cheaper prices.

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