Best Job Board WordPress Themes for Creating Awesome Job Websites in 2023

With the advancement in technology, gone are the days when people would advertise for jobs in hard copy newspapers and wait for applicants to mail their application letters or send hard copies of their application letters to their offices. Today, all that a company needs to do is advertise it online and wait for applicants to send their applications letters via email. Some companies are very busy with what they do such that they prefer to hire a third party to do the whole recruitment process for them. This has led to the creation of many other opportunities for recruitment agencies that do the work for such companies. However, in order for you to have a successful recruitment agency, you will need to set up a very good job board that will convince both your clients and applicants to use your services. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best WordPress themes you can use to create awesome job boards. These are themes that are easy to use and might not necessarily need you to have software development skills.

JobCareer | Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Career is an amazing solution to people who want to create a job board without having to write a single line of code. It is an easy to use theme that comes packed with amazing plugins and beautifully designed templates that can easily be incorporated into a new site and customized to match what you are looking for. This is a theme that comes with special features that are only designed for job board websites. Such features include geolocated job searches, email and job alerts and application deadline feature. It also comes with a profile completion, Indeed job importation and a resume management features that make is simply among the best to work with. With this theme, you are assured of getting a theme that will do everything for you, all you will need to do is to customize it to make it match your requirements.

Recruitment Agency – Multi Industry Responsive WordPress Theme

Recruitment Agency is another amazing job board theme that is fully responsive and is designed to allow the website manager to post jobs which job seekers can apply to. It is specially designed with a front end section for the job seekers to manage their accounts. This means that the job seekers can create their accounts with an option to upload their resumes and view their job applications history. They can also create job alerts so that they are notified when new jobs that match their qualifications are posted. The theme has a feature called job basket that allows the job seeker to select multiple jobs and apply to them at a go by using the information that they have added to their profiles. This theme comes with all sorts of features that you might want for a job board. It also has page templates that you can easily customize to make sure that they match what you need.

Cariera – Job Board WordPress Theme

Cariera is a fully responsive job board WordPress theme that has been designed to give recruitment agencies an easy time while doing their job. It is a multipurpose theme that can also be used for stats and listings and comes with up to two homepages with a one click demo install. This means that you can import all the demo content you see when on a live preview of the theme by just clicking on an import button, and then customize the content to make it yours. Quite easy to do and you will not need to be an expert in web development. It is very fast and responsive, retina ready and has been customized for SEO. This means that your job board website will get a descent ranking on search engines. The theme comes with unlimited colors, multiple headers and footers and moveable sidebars that are very easy to use. We can not forget the premium Slider Revolution plugin that you will get for free as well as the WooCommerce and WPML for any commercial purposes.

Job Board WordPress Theme – InJob

This is one of the few WordPress themes that are fully dedicated to the career and professional sectors. It is fast and fully responsive SEO friendly job board WordPress theme with performance optimization that is quite easy to install and set up. The theme comes with video backgrounds, up to two different homepages and customizable elements on builder. The layouts are either boxed or a full width layout, meaning that you have an option to choose between the two. It comes with a visual composer that allows you to see changes to pages and posts in real time, over one hundred webfont icons, unlimited sidebars that you can use on posts and a premium slider revolution integration and lets you create sliders for pages and posts all for free. If you use this theme, you will also have an admin side that allows you to review all applications, manage job postings and even get email alerts for new applications. This theme would serve all the purposes of a job board if set up well.

Jobmonster – Job Board WordPress Theme

JobMonster is a well designed job board WordPress theme that works way better than most themes designed for the same purpose. This is because apart from the basic recruitment features that allow users to create profiles, upload resumes and apply to jobs, the JobMaster theme allows the site administrators to review all the jobs that are supposed to be posted on the site. This theme allows third parties to even create their accounts and post job openings that are then reviewed by the site administrators before they can be published. If you are setting up your first WordPress website through this theme, even if you do not have any web development skills, you have no reason to worry or stop doing it. This is because this theme comes with a very comprehensive and informative documentation that any beginner can follow without any problem. This theme allows users to access your posts instantly, regardless of their whereabouts. Indeed, your site will be fully responsive, capable of working on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is a theme that will not let you down.

Pet Sitter – Job Board Responsive WordPress Theme

Pet Sitter is a responsive WordPress theme that has been designed with special attention to those who want to list jobs that are related to pets or pet oriented websites. However, if you find this theme attractive enough to suit your needs, which are not related to pets, then you should not be worried since the theme can be easily customized to match any other requirements that you might have. The theme comes with a Redux Theme Options panel, which is one of the greatest and easy to use options panel. It also has a lot of page builder elements that you can use to create all types of content that you would like to. What is a website when you are restricted about what you can create or share? That is not what Pet Sitter offers you. We can not forget about the selection of post formats that allows you to display all types of content that you want. Don’t let yourself to be limited by what you can have on your job board website.

WPJobus – Job Board and Resumes WordPress Theme

WP Jobus is a fully responsive theme that can be used for three different purposes. You can either use it to create an interactive job board, a company profile or a personal profile. It comes with some amazing features that are crucial when designing job boards or profiles such as AJAX search and Google Maps. WP Jobus has an amazing directory function that allows you to set up an interactive job board portal that allows users to perform tasks such as searching, browsing and filtering entities such as companies, jobs or even resumes. With this theme, you will not depend on any additional 3rd party plugins which imply several limitations and, in some cases, additional costs. It is all standalone and included in the theme for free.

WorkScout – Job Board WordPress Theme

WorkScout is an amazing job board WordPress theme that has been designed to be used by employment agencies, recruiters or any other job and employment related websites. It is a very easy to use theme that comes with a visual composer that allows one to create pages and posts while at the same time being able to see what they are doing. Its responsiveness means that a website created with this theme can be used on a wide range of devices including mobile phones, tablets and computers. It also comes with some add-on features such as the resume manager tool that makes it very easy for users to create profiles and upload their resumes to the website. It also has some resume templates that users can download to create resumes from. This makes it very easy for both the site owner and users to use this theme.

Jobseek – Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobseek is a job board WordPress theme that has been created as a solution to recruitment agencies and other human resource companies. The theme has been developed on one of the most famous job board plugins, the WP Job Manager. It comes with a very organized admin user interface that shows all the listed jobs in a very clear manner as well as information about the clients whose jobs you have posted on the job board website. Clients can create jobs for posting, which the site administrator will review and then publish on the site. On the front end, the clients have the ability to mark jobs as filled, as well as edit and delete listings. You will be alerted when all this is happening. On the other hand, job seekers can apply to listed jobs through the website or directly to the employer if they have provided their contact information. This theme works quite well and has all the features required for a job board.

Jobify – The Most Popular WordPress Job Board Theme

Jobify is a flawless job board WordPress theme that is specifically designed to connect job seekers to employers and help each one of them get exactly what or who they are looking for. If you are a person wanting to be the mediator between these two, then this is a theme that will easily get you exactly that. Jobify is famous for taking only a couple of minutes to install and use its one click demo import to get all the demo content set up for easy customization to have it match what you need. The theme comes with a simple live searching with filtering enabled that makes it easy for site users to find relevant jobs quite easily. It also has a homepage that is fully customizable meaning that you get to have a hundred percent control over the layout of your website. Since this is a way to make money, this theme allows you to charge a fee for all job listings as well as approve and monitor the listings.

Jobera – Job Portal WordPress Theme

Jobera is an amazing and powerful job board WordPress theme that comes with a host of features and gives you an opportunity to customize most of its features just from the admin dashboard without touching a single line of code. The theme is very easy to install, set up and to use by the end users, the job seekers. It allows you to set up an apply button with each job listing to give job applicants the ability to send applications instantly. These applications are sent directly to the client who posted the job and they get alerted via email. Apart from allowing the job seekers to create a portal through which they can post jobs that you approve for publishing, job seekers also have their own portal through which they can create their accounts and upload their resumes. Job seekers can be searched on the job board based on certain criteria. The theme is fully responsive and can be used on different devices without any display problems.

Babysitter – Job Board WordPress Theme

Babysitter is a job board WordPress theme that has been designed for parents, babysitters, nannies or any other person who wants to set up a job board related to babies. However, it has all the features that are required for creating any job board website and can be customized to meet any of the requirements for any other job board. It comes with a Redux Theme Options which provides one of the greatest options panel that allows you to change any theme color and customize the look and feel. It also comes with a large number of shortcodes that allows you to basically all types of content that you would like to have on your website. If you are looking to set up a website quickly, the theme comes with an easy to install demo content that can also be customized easily to match your requirements. This is a theme that can get you an amazing job board in a span of a few minutes.

Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme

Nokri is one of the best job board WordPress themes we have today due to its advanced features for creating a job portal website. The theme comes with separate panels for the employers, candidates and the site administrators. With the employer panel, an employer can easily create a job listing that the site administrator will approve for it to be published. A candidate will be able to view all job listings and can perform a search to get the ones that they are interested in and then send their applications. They can choose to upload a new resume for each application or use a resume that is already uploaded on the site. Candidates can create profiles and upload resumes through the candidates portal. They can also keep track of their applications and get email notifications for job listings they are interested in. This theme does all the work in a way that is very efficient. The theme also has an android and iOS applications available.

Careerfy – Job Board WordPress Theme

Careerfy is another job board WordPress theme that offers a very easy solution for recruitment agencies to display jobs. This theme automates the whole process of a company hiring a new person. This theme allows you to create a complete and fully responsive job portal that can be used on devices of different screen sizes. This means that your job board can be used on the go and from anywhere an employer or a candidate is. It has been designed with the plan of integrating it with famous job boards, meaning that the next release might have this incorporated. This theme has also tried to monetize some of its features, such as the ability for employers to pay some commision when a candidate clicks on their link on your job board. With this theme, you will not only earn from the normal earning methods, but you can also earn from link clicks. You will also be assured of having an amazing job board.

StaffScout – Job Board and Employment Theme

StaffScout is a fully responsive job board WordPress theme that will allow you to build an amazing job board within a couple of minutes. The theme gives you a chance to easily create job listings and singles as well, giving job seekers a chance to have an overview of the jobs listed. This also gives them an overview of the employment opportunities with a learn more button, meaning that they can see almost the entire information about a job with just a few clicks. Candidates can also create profiles and upload resumes and cover letters which makes the whole application process just a job of a few seconds. With its beautiful features, pre-designed homepages and highly-customizable elements, StaffScout is the perfect choice for you.


If you want to run a recruitment agency or a company to help people get jobs and employers get the right candidates for their openings, then you will need to choose carefully on the kind of a website you will want to have. With the themes discussed above, you can be assured of getting the best job board that will meet all of your requirement. These themes will not only meet your requirements but will also show you new things that you must have on a job board and that you did not even think about before.


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