As a business owner, one of the best gifts you can give to your customers is to make sure that they have a piece of complete and satisfactory information about the products you are offering them. Imagine going to a website to look at a product but then it does not have enough information about the product in offer? Chances are that you will not buy this product and might end up going to another site that has better information or review about that particular product. The same thing applies to all customers who visit your site to have a look at your products. Nothing will leave a customer satisfied than a complete and informative review of the product they are looking for. At the same time, you want to also make sure that your WordPress review site is beautifully designed, and appealing to the eye. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best WordPress review sites that you can use for your products and that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Entrance – WordPress Theme for Magazine and Review

Entrance is a responsive, minimalistic, retina ready and clean WordPress review theme that can also be used for news, magazine, photography and blog sites. Its responsive layout adapts to any screen size making sure that your customers can get to see your reviews just from anywhere using any device. Its images and graphics are retina ready as well. It comes with a drag and drop content builder that can be used by anyone despite their coding skills, making it one of the easiest themes to use. This is coupled with multiple blog layouts where you can choose from grid, masonry to small or large thumbnails. Its custom widgets gives one an opportunity to be creative and add appealing sections to their website. The review system with this theme allows one to add reviews and ratings to their posts with the ability to enable or disable reviews on any particular post. A custom criterion allows you to add multiple ratings with the overall rating being calculated automatically by the review system.

Flavor – Responsive/HD Magazine/Review AJAX Theme

Flavor is another responsive WordPress review theme that is based on Ajax. Its built on the very powerful and flexible industrial theme framework that is known for its strength. Flavor comes with all the theme options enhanced with Ajax, and it features a review framework that comes with a mini-site builder. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress, giving you an option to easily set up your online store and give reviews on products easily. Customizing the theme is also very easy, as you have options on using the themes shortcodes, theme options or the custom widgets that it comes with. It comes with unlimited color options, icons and fonts. This tells you that with this theme, you can customize it to get exactly what you want in a matter of minutes. It is very easy to use, and you will find that even if you are not a web developer, you can get your way around it quickly.

The Review: Multi-Purpose Review & Magazine Theme

The Review is a modern, attractive and beautifully designed WordPress review and magazine theme. This theme has been developed with special attention to creating extensive reviews for any type of content among them travel destinations, games, technology, films among others. The review system allows you to display all the content such as images, videos and news associated with the review item in a centralized hub page that has tabbed navigation. Both the admins and users of your website will be able to review the items you have. With users’ reviews, they will be able to leave their reviews through a front-end form, then the review is not available until an admin approves it. The theme has an Ajax filtering that allows one to move easily from page to page which avoids page reloading and improves the page load time. The Review is also responsive and easily adapts to any screen size.

Gauge: Multi-Purpose Review Theme

Gauge is a powerful and responsive WordPress review theme that gives you and your users an opportunity to create reviews on almost any kind of content that you create. Users can leave their own reviews that you or the admins of your website can either approve or disapprove for it to be available on your items. This theme is special with its ratings that can be shown even on search results due to their schema markup and their support for rich snippets. It also comes with a hub page that displays information on your review item as you added it. This hub page can also display the reviews that have been left on that item. With this theme, you can integrate your social networks due to its impressive support for both BuddyPress and bbPress. This will allow you to share your items to social networks directly from your review website.

Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme

Valenti is a WordPress review theme designed with cutting-edge features and is fully responsive. It is one of the very easy to use themes available for review and uses a drag and drop website builder that allows anyone to easily create pages by just dragging and dropping content into the website. Valenti has a very powerful review system and widget that allows you to create an amazing review website through which you can create reviews for your items, and allow users to also contribute in creating reviews as well. It has an amazing megamenu system that allows you to create beautiful and responsive menus with drop downs. You can also set featured images on different items that are being reviewed with a parallax effect. We can not forget that this theme comes with some of the best plugins such as bbPress, BuddyPress as well as WooCommerce. With these plugins, you can set your review website to be among the top if not the best.

OldPaper – Ultimate Magazine and Blog Theme

OldPaper is a responsive WordPress theme that has been designed with a magazine concept in mind but can be used for creating reviews for extensive items. It has been designed based on the powerful Twitter Bootstrap framework making it very powerful and responsive. This means that it can adapt to any screen size further meaning that your site visitors can easily access your review website from anywhere using any kind of a device. The theme’s animate CSS gives the theme an amazing look and feel, with a very fast loading speed and beautiful scrolling effects. It also comes optimized for SEO. This gives you an opportunity to have a high ranking on all search engines, giving you high traffic due to your site’s visibility on the net. It has a powerful review system powered by a rich snippet and a schema markup, meaning that even your reviews can be found on search results.

15Zine – HD Magazine / Newspaper WordPress Theme

15Zine is a powerful WordPress theme that can be used for both magazines and creating a review website. The theme is retina ready and fully responsive, giving you an opportunity to have users access it from any device. It comes with a beautifully designed mega menu system that allows you to create beautiful menus and show trending posts depending on the timeline of your choice. The theme comes with a very simple to use theme options that can be easily used by anyone, even those without any coding skills. The review system with this theme is just out of this world. You can easily add reviews to any type of content that you have, or even allow your users to create the reviews and you approve them as the admin. This is one theme that would not let you down when creating a reviews website.

Magic Newspaper

MagicMag is a responsive and clean multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for creating a review website as well as a magazine website. The theme has been built based on HTML5 and CSS3 which makes sure that your review website can keep up with all the new trends in the world of web design. This theme is fully responsive and can adapt to any device’s screen size. What’s even more appealing is the fact that you can choose to disable the responsiveness of the theme. It is very easy to install and set up due to the fact that it comes with the drag and drop feature that allows anyone even those without coding skills to easily set up pages by dragging and dropping content.

MagicMag WordPress theme is available in wide and boxed layout versions. It includes different homepage layout options, more than twenty background patterns, wide home scroller, dark and light header option, amazing site navigation, supports multiple post formats and custom pages. With all these features, you will not make a mistake in getting an amazing review website.

Engine – Drag and Drop News Magazine w/ Minisites

Engine is a responsive WordPress review theme designed using HTML5 and CSS3. This is the modern technology in the web design world that will give your review website an edge over others and will make sure that your website can keep up with the latest technology trends. It comes with a visual composer plugin that allows you to make changes to your website while you see them. This makes it very easy to anyone to customize this theme to their requirements. Users can easily access your website using any devices such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones because it is extremely responsive and streams smoothly on any modern mobile platform.

The theme also comes with a very powerful and lightweight review system that is powered by Ajax. This review system is fully developed and does not require you to use any third party plugins. It uses numbers, percentages, stars and letter grades to rate services and products. It also displays the weighted criteria of reviews so customers could know what other people think about the product. This is a very powerful review system that will satisfy all your site visitors.

Gridlove – Creative Grid Style News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Gridlove is a beautifully designed WordPress theme designed with a special attention to people in the writing industry, which involves creating a WordPress review website. The theme comes with unlimited prebuilt layouts with a fully responsive design that gives your website visitors an opportunity to read your reviews from any device. Gridlove is optimized for both speed and SEO, meaning that apart from the fast loading speeds that you get with the theme, you will also have a high ranking on search engine results. With this theme, you can customize your review website with as many colors as possible with a special section for icons and logos. You can also create reviews on different items on the website, as well as allow users to create reviews which you can approve or disapprove. Gridlove comes with up to twelve shortcodes that allow you to create an amazing review website. It is very easy to set up and has a very detailed documentation for those who would like to consult anything.

Edition – Responsive News and Magazine Theme

Edition is a responsive WordPress review theme that can be used to create a news website, a review website or a website for different kinds of publishers. This theme is very special with its powerful built-in review system that gives you a chance to create reviews to any type of content that you create. It also comes with a front-end form that allows all your users to create reviews to the items you have on your website. Not unless you approve these reviews, they will not be available on the website for other users.

This theme is very easy to install and set up. It comes with the powerful drag and drop page builder system that can be used with anyone to create and customize pages on their review website. This means that you do not have to be a web developer for you to use the theme. To get started, you can choose to use the one click import feature to import demo content and customize it to meet your requirements.

GOLIATH – Ads Optimized News & Reviews Magazine

Goliath is another fully responsive WordPress review theme that has been designed with special attention to the creation of product reviews. It comes with an inbuilt review system with amazing summary tools and a wonderful review display even on search results. This means that you can have your reviews on products visible on search engines. A user can do a search on the review of a certain product and your reviews will be available on the search results.

The theme is very easy to use for anyone and comes with the powerful visual composer that allows one to drag and drop content while creating pages. It also has the premium Slider Revolution plugin for free that allows you to create amazing sliders on any of the posts and pages on your review website. You can even add images of the product that is being reviewed. This theme offers tons of awesome shortcodes and widgets to make website development faster and easier. It boasts its eye-catching typography that you can effectively use for making a statement about your brand.

MagOne -­ Responsive Magazine & News WordPress Theme

Magone is an incredible WordPress review theme that has been designed to give website owners a chance to give reviews to products in an appealing and attractive way, while at the same time being able to create a magazine website from the same theme. It is designed based on the powerful Sheeit framework that allows very easy customization of the existing pre-designed page templates or even new pages created from scratch. To get started easily and quickly, you have the option of using the one-click import tool that comes with the theme to get its page templates and customize them to meet your requirements. It also comes with advanced theme options that are easy to use and that enable you to customize anything on the look and feel of your website. Its transition animations, color palettes and pagination styles are simply amazing and will give your review website that attractiveness that will keep all your site visitors coming back for more.

DeliPress – Magazine and Review WordPress Theme

DeliPress is a powerful and flexible WordPress review and magazine theme that is fully responsive and works well with devices of different screen sizes. It is one of the themes that is very easy to set up and use for anyone despite their technical knowledge. This theme comes packed with awesome plugins such as bbPress, WPML and WooCommerce eCommerce plugin that allows you to easily set up an online shop in a couple of clicks. These plugins also give you a chance to integrate your review website with social media apps allowing you to share content to different social media accounts directly from your website.

Its review system is just among the best. You can write reviews on items of all types, while at the same time allowing your users to write reviews which you can approve or disapprove before they are made available on your review site. DeliPress will also help your users navigate through the website better with its unique mega menu that can display mega categories with posts and sub-categories, and also create link groups or drop-down menus easily.

Gamez – Games, Movie, Music Review and Editorial WordPress Theme

Gamez is a responsive WordPress review theme that has been designed with special attention to the review of games, music and movies. It is very easy to install and setup, and comes with a one-click demo import feature that allows you to import its demo content that you can customize to meet your requirements. The theme is retina ready, meaning that it is fully responsive and will have an amazing display on screens of all sizes. It comes with some of the best plugins, among them a Revolution Slider plugin that enables you to create awesome sliders across different pages and posts, a visual composer that you can use to easily drag and drop content to customize or create new pages and posts and the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin that you can use to create an instant online shop within a few clicks. You can also choose to use this theme for reviewing other items, not just music, video or games since it can be customized easily.

Newspread – Magazine, Blog, Newspaper and Review WordPress Theme

Newspread is a beautifully designed WordPress review, blog, newspaper and magazine theme that is fully responsive and designed with modern technology to make sure that your website will easily adapt to the changing web development techniques. The theme comes optimized for both speed and SEO, making sure that apart from your website loading very fast from page to page, it also achieves a high ranking on search engine results. This is very important especially for those people who have monetized their website in one way or another, as they will get a lot of traffic which in most cases will translate to conversions. This theme is fully customizable with a very easy to use theme options through which you can change colors, layouts and fonts easily. We can not forget that this theme has RTL support and comes with a lot of demo content that can be imported using the one-click demo importer tool and customized to meet all your requirements.

DizzyMag – Ad&Review WordPress Magazine Theme with Portfolio

DizzyMag is a powerful and responsive WordPress review, advert, magazine and portfolio theme that has been nicknamed money-maker by the developers. This is because the theme has been designed with entrepreneurs and creative professionals in mind to give them a way to make money through the website. One can easily make money by setting up an online store using the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin or even make money using AdSense. Further to this, the theme comes with an amazing review system that allows you to give reviews to extensive items, while at the same time allowing your users to also leave reviews for you while you approve them. Packed with robust features and boasting a modern vintage style, DizzyMag is a versatile theme for anyone looking to build a scalable WordPress site with lots of monetization options.


Do you want to set up a review website and do not know where to start? Then this list will give you the go ahead. These themes can be used to review various products and services and sell them directly via your website or refer your visitors via affiliate links to other sources. All themes are highly customizable with unlimited color options, dozens of custom widgets and advanced theme options for easier setup. You should not have an excuse as to why you have not realized your dream.

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