Best WordPress Theme for Wedding Photographers – 2023

Having a digital presence as a wedding photographer is incredibly rewarding and pays back in ways that can not be compared to photographers with no such a presence. The advancement in modern technology have significantly impacted the world of technology today. For example, if you look at cameras of today, you will realize that they are entirely different from cameras that were used a few years ago. Technology has made possible for photographers to use digital cameras to take pictures and view them on the spot while being able to enhance and edit the images they take digitally. However, with all these technological enhancements, there is also the point of having an online presence.

As a wedding photographer, you also need to have a platform where you are able to show your work to the whole world. This is a platform that you can use to get more clients and showcase your talent. This allows you to have a whole new way of expressing yourself. Before a person can hire a wedding photographer, they want to make sure that they are getting the right person for the job. If you have a website, they will easily browse through it and see the amazing work that you have previously done, something that will easily persuade them to employ your services. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best WordPress themes that you can use to set up your wedding photography website. If you decide to use these themes, you will realize that you do not necessarily need to hire a web developer to get started. Some of them are quite easy to use and get started with.

Photography | Travis Photography WordPress for Photography

Travis is one of the best wedding WordPress photography themes we have today mainly because of its beautifully built layouts and several premium features that it comes with. Travis theme is specially designed for wedding photographers but can be used generally by any other photographers to set up their online presence through a website. It comes with a partial orientation to blog writing and very high-resolution images. With this theme, you get exclusive JS and CSS files with more than ten different types of galleries to choose from.

The theme allows you to upload your posts in many formats and in pixel perfect quality format. It can be used by people of all skill backgrounds and therefore you do not have to have any coding skills for you to use this theme. The theme allows you to show layouts in either full width or boxed mode while writing posts can be made better with the over six hundred Google fonts that it comes with. The theme is retina ready, mobile friendly and compatible with all modern browsers. You will also get multilingual support and a refined SEO. We cannot forget to mention that the theme uses an elementor page builder and has a one click demo import that allows you to quickly get set up with demo content that you can easily customize to get what you want.

NOAH – A Witty Photography WordPress Theme

NOAH is a premium high resolution wedding WordPress photography theme that comes with an edgy look and numerous smart image options. Due to the industry that it is developed to serve, it also comes with amazing galleries and animation features with a customizable layout that is not rivaled by any other. The layout allows you to have different posting formats, among them sliders, columns, blog styles and galleries. The theme is very easy to install and get started with, and you will find that you do not need to have any coding skills for you to effectively use this theme.

NOAH is optimized for SEO and speed, making sure that your website will get a decent ranking on search engines and that it will load fairly fast keeping your visitors on your website rather than having them leave to other sites due to slow loading speeds. NOAH is also multipurpose, but only for those people who would like to express their work through photos. It can be used by freelancers, fashion companies, photobloggers among others. The theme is fully customizable with variation and customization well delivered with colors and fonts also customizable to whatever you want. If you have any problem when setting it up, there is a detailed documentation as well as a support team that is available around the clock. This is a theme that will not let you down in showing the world about your wedding photography skills.

Stills — A Focused WordPress Photography Theme

Stills is a responsive and beautifully designed WordPress theme that can be used entirely by anyone in the photography world, but it is very keen with wedding photography. It can be considered as a modern, innovative and elegant WordPress theme that will easily attract many people to your site, if used correctly. Whatever this theme does, from the home page to the blog and the about sections, it does all these with a style that you can not get anywhere else. This will allow you to make your work shine through the website, and definitely give you a chance to attract many more clients.

The theme allows you to easily create your pages and posts, giving you an opportunity to customize almost everything that you want. All its tools are responsive, compatible with modern browsers and designed following latest trends in the web design world. With this theme, you will not have to worry about having your images cropped, they are all kept in their original aspect ratio. If you use this theme, you can be assured of connecting with new people, among them clients and reaching new levels in regards to your photography.

Torola Modern Photography Theme

Torola is an amazing and beautifully designed WordPress theme for wedding photographers that has been designed with a creative and attractive touch to it. The theme comes with many demos that are designed to make it easy for one to get started with the theme. Keeping in mind the industry that it is designed to serve, the theme comes with some amazing project pages to give you a platform to showcase your work grouped by projects. It also comes with masonry cards, reveal sections, portfolio grids, hover lists and split screens that only serve to broaden the ways with which you can use the theme effectively. What’s more, no matter the predesigned content you go with, you can still have complete freedom to customize it to your needs. Torola is effortless to customize after all. The theme is also mobile and retina ready, compatible with all the popular web browsers and comes with a complete documentation. Amazing parallax effect, on scroll content load, contact page and a blog system. It is one theme designed to make sure that photographers show what they can offer in style.

TwoFold – Fullscreen Photography Theme

TwoFold is an attractive and creatively designed WordPress photography theme that can be used effectively by wedding photographers to set up their photography portfolios and show the world what they do and how they do it. This theme employs a website building process that is simplified and streamlined and focuses around the attractive presentation of a photographers powerful visual content. It comes with a design that is not cluttered at all allowing the theme to effectively and easily handle high resolution imagery. This allows your visitors to pay a lot of attention to what you do – the photography. It has an impressive photo hover effects, handles full screen presentations pretty well and is designed based on responsiveness provided by Bootstrap that allows your website to display the same things on screens of all sizes. It also comes with the ability to create customizable albums and very unique gallery layouts that you will not find on any other theme.

Foto – Photography WordPress Themes for Photographers

Foto is a wonderfully designed, responsive and engaging WordPress theme that is dedicated to photographers. It is a multipurpose theme that can be used by both new and seasoned photographers, photography studios and photojournalists to give them an avenue through which they can create a website to present their work online and have an effective online presence. The theme also allows them to do all the work by themselves since it is easy to use, from installation to setting it up and customizing it to match all their needs. The theme is equipped with an ambitious collection of portfolio and photography tools and settings making it one of the best themes to use for photographers. It also has individual portfolio page layouts for every project or album that you have, as well as over twenty demos for your gallery pages. The theme also comes with over fifteen photography album templates to choose from with different sections of masonry, grids, carousels, layouts and sliders. Foto is a theme that will allow you to showcase your work without any limits.

Bild — A Focused WordPress Photography Theme

Bild is a responsive and attractive WordPress theme that has been designed for photographers. This is a theme that, as a wedding photographer, you can use to set up your online presence and show your work effectively to your site visitors without any difficulty. The theme comes with up to four homepage layouts with several other layouts for portfolio and sliders. With this theme, you are assured of getting a minimalistic, strong and a clean concept that will allow your photographs to stand from far. It is also a photography multipurpose theme meaning that it can be used in diverse photography fields such as art and journalism among others. The theme comes packed with fonts from Google fonts and HK Grotesk fonts. You can display images in three different ways, from galleries, portfolio to images on sliders. The layout is retina ready and allows you to customize colors the way you want based on a six-color palette. When setting up this theme, you can choose to use the one click demo import to import its demo content then just customize it to match your own style. The theme is smooth and pixel perfect and comes with a mobile friendly design.

DIVA – Fabulous Photography WP Theme

Diva is often a name used in reference to a person who is spoiled, moody and arrogant. However, when it comes to wedding photography WordPress themes, the word means more than just that. This is a photography WordPress theme that is designed with a style meant to represent a sense of style and class with an elegance that is taken to another level. If you decide to use theme, you will be able to prove to the world and especially to the site visitors that you have an amazing taste and better website management skills since the theme has basically done all these things for you. All you need to do is simply to customize it to match your requirements. The beauty of the gallery that comes with this theme will leave your site visitors breathless. Its designed based on the redux framework and comes with a visual composer that makes the creation of new pages and layouts very easy, even to people with no coding skills. The theme is also highly responsive, giving you a chance to have your content available to all people regardless of the device they are using.

Moon – Full Screen Photography Portfolio, Photo Story Blog & Shop for Creative Professionals

Moon is a creative and responsive portfolio and blog theme designed for people in the creative and photography websites. It comes with countless distinct features that give one a chance to present their photos, videos and all their content in attractive ways. It is known for its great degree of mobility, being able to unshackle its owner form the confines of an office chair. The theme is fully responsive making it possible for your site visitors to access all your content from devices of different screen sizes. With this theme, you can also write blog posts, upload edited and unedited photos, commercialize services and items on the site and manage your website from anywhere you are at. You are also able to personalize textures and colors for all panels to showcase your photographs in style. The theme comes with a very detailed documentation as well as video tutorials to guide one through the installation process. It also has a support team that is available around the clock to help when you are facing any issues. Moon tries its best to remove any entry barrier. As a customer, you do not have to possess any previous WordPress experience. Everything is highly intuitive and user-friendly.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that has been designed to be a one stop solution for all creatives needs in building a website. It comes with resourceful widgets, an expansive collection of all kinds of templates, premium plugins and a number of creative features that are made to improve the end user experience and keep your site visitors interested in your work. This theme comes with the powerful visual composer page builder plugin that allows one to easily create pages without even writing a single line of code. It also includes up to forty demo templates and over one hundred and fifty page templates that you can easily use and customize to match all your requirements. This means that you can get set up quite easily and quickly, and that you can do this for yourself without the need to hire a web developer. You can even commercialize your services in different ways, top among them by using the famous WooCommerce plugin that comes with the theme and that is visually styled to match with the theme. Apart from being fully responsive, the theme is compatible with all modern browsers. With this theme, you can get exactly what you would like to have when it comes to having a wedding photography website.

Kalium – Creative Theme for Professionals

Kalium is an appealing and modern WordPress theme that has been designed with a special focus to people who are in the creatives industry, including wedding photographers. It is a colorful and bright website building platform that is very easy to install, setup and customize. It is seen as a solution to people who do not have any prior knowledge to coding and can be used by any person to showcase their work. It is a multipurpose theme that can be used by photographers in general, photojournalists or anyone in the creative industry where they want to showcase their work by use of photographs. It comes with a number of ways through which you can easily customize the end user experience of visitors browsing through your photos. It has a Dribble portfolio integration that you can also use to showcase your work. The theme comes with some attractive features such as the amazing photo hover effects giving you an option to get the right way in framing your content. Further, it comes with a visual composer, a layerslider and a revolution slider, which are all premium plugins offered for free. You can never go wrong with creating a wedding photography website with this theme.

Photosy Photography – Photography WordPress

Photosy is a responsive and modern WordPress theme for photographers that can be used effectively by wedding photographers. It is a large theme that comes with up to nineteen demos that are already predesigned and ready to use layouts. This theme comes packed with features and assets that any wedding photographer will not want to miss when designing their wedding photography website. It is a theme that can be used by pretty almost everyone, whether with coding skills or not, due to its drag and drop site customization feature that allows one to make changes instantly to the design of the website and tailor it to match their requirements. The theme is also fully responsive, meaning that its display will remain almost the same if not the same on different screen sizes that your site visitors use. Get this theme today and make a statement with your wedding photography online presence.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode is a very beautiful creative WordPress theme that is a perfect fit for wedding photographers. It is an amazing and a very easy to use theme that can be used by anyone including those without coding skills. If you are a wedding photographer looking to have a website, then Uncode is the right theme for you. With Uncode, you will be able to craft the most engaging, modern and staggeringly attractive websites within a matter of minutes, without troubling yourself with even a single line of programming, and with exceedingly professional, polished results every single time. The theme comes with sleek and premium plugins such as iLightbox and a visual composer that allows you to create pages and review them on the go. It also has beautifully designed galleries to showcase your images and templates to choose from and help you get started in a few minutes. You can choose to commercialize items and services on the website using the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin that is customized to match the look and feel of your website.

Pofo – Creative Portfolio and Blog WordPress Theme

Pofo is another stunning and beautifully designed WordPress theme that has been designed with a special focus to people in the creative industry. This is a theme that can serve as a perfect fit for wedding photographers. It comes with up to twenty eight templates that are specially designed to offer a broad visual selection. It also has a visual composer called the WPBakery that is newer and much improved and that provides one with a real time customization of content without having to write a single line of code. With this, you can easily customize the themes demo content without any strain to make them match all your requirements. It has some very appealing visual portfolios that can easily sell your work to your site visitors as well as creative animations, amazing options and dynamic layouts that allow you to create the perfect website. It also allows you to showcase your photos in modern styles with multiple carousels. You can choose to write blogs with this theme as well to talk to your audience about your work in your own voice and get feedback from them. This is a theme that any wedding photographer can use and create an online presence that will sell without any doubts.

Tography – Photography Theme

Tography is a beautiful and functional WordPress theme that is designed for photographers in general. It is one theme that can help a wedding photographer create an amazing website to showcase their work and sell their services to their site visitors. It allows one to effectively and in a beautiful design show off their high resolution images with an amazing image metadata retrieval system that can scan your images for data such as aperture automatically giving you an opportunity to have your portfolio work displayed in quality rivaled to none. It comes with an amazing backend user interface that can be used by any person, making it one of the few themes that can be used by any person including those without any coding skills. Furthermore, Tography has different headers, navigational and pagination styles, a visual layout builder for you to fiddle with the included templates and demo websites or come up with your own from scratch.


These are just but some of the WordPress themes that are available today for wedding photographers to choose from, but they are among the best. If you choose one of these themes for your wedding website, you can be assured of finding it easy to set up your website, to a point where you will not need to hire a website developer if you do not have any coding skills. You will also be assured of having an amazing online presence that will serve to boost your wedding photography career.


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